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Borrowing the FPGA Development Board

The Department of Pervasive computing has FPGA development boards that can be borrowed by students for course assignments and thesis work. The boards are Altera DE2 Development and Education board. They belong to Altera's university program, which also contains various ready-made blocks (University IP) and teaching materials. The board was manufactured by Terasic.

There are some articles about using the board:
[1] T. Laukkanen, Harkkatyönä oma tietokone, Rajapinta, Maaliskuu 2011. ja
[2] O. Vainio, E. Salminen, J. Takala, Teaching Digital Systems Using a Unified FPGA Platform, in Proc. of BEC, Oct. 2010
[3] E. Salminen, T.D. Hämäläinen, Teaching System-on-Chip Design With FPGAs" in Proc. of FPGA World, Sep. 2013

Practical matters to get the board:

  1. Enroll on a course (see the list below)
  2. fill in the borrowing form
  3. Take the filled form to the assistant (sakari.lahti(at)tut.fi or arto.oinonen(at)tut.fi, room TF209) to get the board. Schedule a meeting by e-mail or come and see if we are present
  4. Read the license instructions concerning Mentor Graphics programs
  5. Use the board for exercise works and hobby projects
  6. Returning
    1. return intact before graduating from TUT
    2. you can keep the board if you do your master's thesis for Prof. Timo D. Hämäläinen or Prof. Jarmo Takala at the Department of Pervasive Computing

The FPGA board can be used at least on the following courses:

  1. TIE-50100 Digitaalisuunnittelu / TIE-50106 Digital Design
  2. TIE-50206 Logic Synthesis
The students are encouraged to invent new topics for e.g. bachelor's thesis and project work courses from their own hobby projects. Contact your course's teachers!
Examples of students' DE2 projects from the past: Nios Doom, Wav player, guitar sounds, synthesizable Pic processor, transaction generator for benchmarking, motion estimation for video encoding...

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