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TKT-2431 SoC-suunnittelu, TKT-2437 SoC design

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2012-2013 Periods 1-2, 5 credit units

This course introduces the basics regarding system-on-chip (SoC) technology and their design.
All relevant information will be on these web pages! Don't expect anything from POP.


Lecturer Erno Salminen (@tut.fi) and

Course description in study guide: Fin, Eng.

Course in lectured in English by default.
Slides, other material, and schedule
Mon 12-14 TB214

  • starting on Mon 27.8.2012
  • no lecture on Mon 17.9.2012

Please remember to give feedback via Kaiku system


Jussi Raasakka (@tut.fi),
Otto Esko (@tut.fi),

    Mon 14-16 (TC417) (English intro, OE)
    Fri 10-12 (TC417) (English intro, JR)

    • Starting at week 36, Mon 3.9 + Fri 7.9
    • Exceptional time at 16-18 on Mon 3.9.
Exercise returns are mandatory. Attending the guidance sessions is voluntary. Both Finnish and foreign students can attend any group.

Students must work also by themselves, since the average exercise workload has been around 5-6h/week in recent years. Students can use the computer class whenever it is not reserved by other courses.

See Exercise page for details
Note! No guidance during examination week.

Passing the course

  • Exam (max. 30p)
    • Results 2012-12-18
    • Results 2013-02-07
    • Results 2013-05-06
    • NOTE! SoC design will not be lectured anymore. It is replaced by TIE-50506 System Design, which will likely have rather different exam. Therefore, there will be 2 more exams for SoC design. The first one is held on Thursday 3.10.2013 at 17-20 but the second date has not been decided yet. (2013-09-23) The exam for TKT-2437 is not yet visible in POP, although for TKT-2431 it is. Please contact the faculty directly if it does not appear there soon.
  • Passed exercise works

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