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TIE-50206 Logic Synthesis

2016-2017 Periods 2-3, 5 cr.


Periods 2+3: First lecture Mon 24.10.2016
  • Mon 12-14 TB207 (3 times, 24.10, 31.10, 7.11)
  • Tue 12-14 SC105B

Lecturer Arto Perttula (@tut.fi)

The course descriptions in the study guide.
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This course teaches the basic principles of digital design with hardware description langauge,. VHDL in our case. After completing the course, students can implement digital system according to given requirements..

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  • Arto Perttula (arto.perttula@tut.fi)
  • Timo Viitanen (timo.2.viitanen@tut.fi)
  • Joonas Multanen (joonas.multanen@tut.fi)
This course emphasizes practical hands-on training. You can earn up to 6 points to the exam, hence the maximum points are 30+6=36 pt.

Periods 2+3; Starting from the first week in computer classTC221
  • Mon 16-18 (TV)
  • Wed 10-12 (JM)
  • Wed 14-16 (AP)

Course requirements

  • Final exam or 2 midterm exams (max. 30pt)
  • Passed exercises, 0-6 points
  • During the final examination, you can do only the full exam or the 2nd midterm exam, not both.

Reading material

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