The architecture of WSN OpenAPI Gateway is shown in figure below and it consists of two main part: the Gateway Core with services and the Adaptation Layer.

WSN OpenAPI Gateway architecture.

The core is a group of services and applications performing the minimal functionalities of WSN OpenAPI Gateway which are connection control, user and data access authentication and data forwarding to authenticated subscribers. The gateway core software can be customized according the resources of the platform. When required the core can be extended to be responsible for databases, actuator services, creating alerts, and web management.

The Adaptation Layers converts the WSN technology specific data to a XML or CSV OpenAPI format. The layers can also be used to create messages suitable for industrial backend systems. For each network technology or backend system there is a dedicated adaptation program instance. The adaptation program instances can be run on anywhere as long as there is a connection to WSN OpenAPI Gateway. The Adaptation Layer can be extended with new adaptation programs according to the connected network technologies.