Generic WSN Gateway Installation

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 2000 SP3 or newer, Linux or other compatible UNIX
Software requirements: J2SE 1.6

Although the Generic Gateway and other needed software may run on system with lower specifications the following numbers are recommended minimum.

CPU: 1.2 GHz Atom
RAM: 200 MB
Disk space: 50 MB

CPU: 1.2 GHz Atom or Pentium Dual-Core
Disk space: 50 MB plus database

The numbers above depend on the amount and type of transported measurement data and type of database.


  1. To run the installer run or install.bat (on Windows).
  2. Select wanted product (e.g. Tiny or Basic).
  3. Select needed features.
  4. Click install button.
  5. Select installation location and press open.
  6. Installation begins.
  7. When completed, press OK.
  8. 'Generic Gateway Launcher'-file can be launched by clicking Yes.
  9. The installer can be closed now.
  10. For more information, the README.txt file can be found inside the installation folder.


Uninstallation is done by removing the installation directory.