WSN OpenAPI Gateway, WSN Monitor software, and test programs are included in the all-in-one package ( Installed components can be selected during the setup.

woag-install- WSN OpenAPI Gateway package
woag- OpenAPI Gateway sources
wsn_openapi_libs.zip2.2.0WSN OpenAPI libraries for Java


Older versions of the software packages. Due to the changes in interfaces, these may not work correctly with current versions.

gg-install-2.0.0.zip2.0.0Installable WSN OpenAPI Gateway package
gg-2.0.0-src.zip2.0.0WSN OpenAPI Gateway sources
PC-sensors.zip1.0.0Python script measuring CPU load and memory usage
mobile-sensors-source.zip1.0.0Source code of sensors for Android
mobile-sensors.zip1.0.0Sensors for Android
WsnMonitor-1.2.0.zip1.2.0Desktop UI written in Java for observing measurement data
openapi.zipWSN OpenAPI specification