Sensor networks support both large scale and fine resolution monitoring via interconnected sensor devices. These devices range from home appliances to mobile phones and dedicated sensing platforms. As new wireless technologies and sensor applications are emerging, the interpretation and utilization of heterogeneous data received through different interfaces becomes a challenge.

WSN OpenAPI Gateway (WOAG) is a service platform residing between Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) that provide sensor data, and applications, services, and other backend systems that utilize the data. Thus, WOAG hides technology specific details and exposes the functionality of sensor networks to the applications via a uniform interface, referred to as WSN OpenAPI.

WOAG defines methods for accessing sensors and actuators (transducers) and supports sensor data collection, actuator control, real-time alerts based on sensor values, and querying measurement and alert history. The design has been industry-driven with the goal of efficient machine-to-machine (M2M) communications with low message complexity and the avoidance of extensive queries with publish/subscribe paradigm.

The references applications and the interfaces specifications of WOAG are published with an open source BSD license.