WSN Monitor


The WSN monitor is an user interface to present real-time measurements from the nodes. It connects to WSN OpenAPI Gateway by using the OpenAPI messages. When authenticated the monitor subscribes by default all measurements arriving to networks the user has access.


Extract the WSN monitor package to wanted location on the computer. Use the run.bat or (depending on operating system) to run the WSN monitor. Configurations instructions can be found further in this page.

Application Interface

List view

The WSN monitor has two interfaces for presenting the measurements. The first is the nodes tab which lists the individual network, node and sensor combinations which the user has an access. This provides a single glance view to all the latest measured values.

List view of the WSN monitor.

Map view

The map view presents the node at their real-life positions. The measured information can be viewed by left clicking a node.

Map view of the WSN monitor.

Connection Settings

Connection settings can be changed in the extraction folder by opening the file 'plugins.xml'. The program must not be running when file is edited. The file contains following XML information. Replace the 'port', 'hostname', 'username' and 'password' value fields with the information of the WSN OpenAPI Gateway and save the file.

      <Plugin enabled="true" id="fi.tut.wsn.openapi.cp.input.clientconnection" name="Gateway Connection">
        <Parameter name="connector" value="openapi.tcpconnection.TCPGatewayConnection"/>
        <Parameter name="port" value="10994"/>
        <Parameter name="hostname" value="localhost"/>
        <Parameter name="username" value="user"/>
        <Parameter name="password" value="default"/>