Users must use vpn-connection to obtain licenses for home use
Server tulitikli has been decomissioned and is no longer available
Miscellaneous section added.
Internal Pages section added.
Windows file server named ikihonka has been decomissioned and file shares have been moved to new server called trinity. EDA tools can be found from share \\trinity\EDA.
Technologies section added.
Some older versions of design tools have been removed from ikihonka (see Windows page). The removed versions are marked with an asterisk (*). They are still available at TC444 if requested.
These pages are still under construction and they may change, disappear or cease to function without a further notice. If you have ideas how to improve these pages, send me an e-mail at

These pages contain information about the software installed on computer systems at Department of Computer Systems at Tampere University of Technology.

Old software pages can be found from here.

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Linux -  Software Installed on RedHat Linux
Mustatikli -  Software Installed on Mustatikli
Windows -  Software Available for Windows
Windows Class -  Software Installed on machines at TC419
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