OpenMP seminar course (spring 2011)

OpenMP seminar course based on the book:

Using OpenMP: Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming

The book in Amazon. Couple of books are available in the department for this course.

3rd period: student lectures on Tuesdays at 14:15, 2-3h per session
4th period: rest of the student lectures + assignment

place: TC427

credits: 3-5 cr (to confirm)

requirements for 3-5 cr:

  1. two lectures presented OR
    one lecture presented and at least 3 preferably prepared questions asked on another lecture
  2. high level of participation (max. one presentation can be missed, this is strict!)
  3. OpenMP assignment
Probably the maximum is 5 cr. You will get one minus cr for a non-completed requirement and 0 cr if you don't fully complete at least two of them. The credit point number is to be confirmed with the department council so I cannot promise it in 100% certainty (I was told).


about the presentations

Please bring the slides for your presentation as a PDF file or bring your own laptop with the slides. Beware that it might take some time to go through the chapter(s) and to prepare the slides so be sure to start working on your presentation early enough! Expect at least one work day to be spent per chapter.

Please use pictures in your presentation (you can scan them or try to find them in the net) to make it less boring.

The code examples are available here. You can show and go through them separately, no need to copy-paste them to the slides.


Accelerating a program using OpenMP. Details here.

Deadline: 18.4.2011


week 2: Assigning the chapters to students.
Chapter 1: Introduction
presented by Pekka
week 3: Chapter 2: Overview of OpenMP
Chapter 3: Writing a First OpenMP Program
presented by Jarno
questions by Habib
week 4: Chapter 4: OpenMP Language Features (part 1)
presented by Tero,
questions by Jarno,
questions by CÚsar
absent: Muhammad
week 5: canceled (CÚsar ill)
week 6: Chapter 4: OpenMP Language Features (part 2)
presented by CÚsar,
questions by Jarno,
questions by Tero
absent: Muhammad
week 7: canceled (Tomasz ill)
week 8: Chapter 5: How to Get Good Performance by Using OpenMP
presented by Tomasz and Heikki,
questions by Omer,
questions by Muhammad,
a 3h lecture
week 9: exams week, period 4 starts
week 10: canceled (Habib ill)
week 11: Chapter 6: Using OpenMP in the Real World
presented by Habib,
questions by Muhammad,
questions by Tomasz
absent: Muhammad
week 12: Chapter 7: Troubleshooting
presented by Omer (has a book),
questions by Roberto,
questions by Heikki

week 13: Chapter 8: Under the Hood: How OpenMP Really Works
Chapter 9: The Future of OpenMP
presented by Roberto (has a book),
questions by Muhammad
questions by Heikki

week 16: Assignment deadline.